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THE ORIENT // warming – the time for something new
The oriental world of the Far East symbolises prosperity and beauty – caressing your senses with Ylang-Ylang, vanilla, mimosa and jasmine fragrances. Body peeling with pearl dust

MEDITERRANEAN // cooling – the time fordetox

The Mediterranean world echoes the cleansing
mentality with basil, orange, lemon, bergamot,
aniseed, mandarin and oregano fragrances.
Body peeling with olive stones

INDIA // hot – the time to replenish energy The Indian subcontinent symbolises wealth and prosperity, seducing with the fragrances of patchouli, cardamom, bergamot, nutmeg, cedar wood and black pepper. Body peeling with grains of rice

ARABIA // warming and enveloping, the time for serenity
The fascinating Arabian world of a Thousand
and One Nights embodies the heady mix of
cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, nutmeg and cedar
wood fragrances. Body peeling with ground
coconut shell



Close your eyes and let us inspire you with
a diversity of fragrance compositions. Escape
with us to the Mediterranean, the Orient,
Arabia or India – delicate scents, gentle sounds
and delicious teas will accompany you.
Following a full body peeling, relax into a
heavenly body massage with aroma essences.
• 75mins // Ksh. 8000